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Flipping the top on that, you see the accessory box. Let us unleash these beasts! There are typically claims about issues running high resolutions. I hate most marketing departments, but Asus is really outdoing themselves this time. Good to know they are implementing the anti dust feature. News Product News Graphics Cards. For more information, please visit http:

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Both MattNo5ss and I ran it multiple times, verifying every setting was the same across the board for both our test system and the game itself.

GTXDC2T-2GD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Please double check you Chassis and Motherboard dimension prior to purchase to make directccu it fits in your system! He was kind enough to jump on that and re-run everything on the new platform. It scrapes off more than wipes off.

Reproduction is limited to words and must be prominently linked to source material. Asus gtx 670 directcu ii most types of PC hardware, video cards suffer from a case of diminishing returns as the price increases. Yes x 1 Regular DP. For more information, please visit http: In the ultra-intense Batman: Contact between the three-heatpipe cooler and the GPU is solid, with paste spreading uniformly.

The cooler is easily removed via the four screws around the GPU. The only thing left to discuss is pricing. Specifications from the product web page. While rated at MHz, when running a benchmark, the card runs closer to Asus gtx 670 directcu ii peaking at MHz and hovering near there for the entirety than it does to its rated MHz.

I can mirror the statement above as asus gtx 670 directcu ii AIB’s share the same story It runs cool, it sips power, and it does both with extremely impressive results. Now we get to the fun part — performance results! The Batman SC result is perplexing. Unfortunately, the default PowerTune limit is just too low to let you unleash all the power this card has to offer.

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ASUS Reveals The GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card

Hopefully, there will be a software solution to help improve that. The asus gtx 670 directcu ii version offers more overclocking features than before, and adds precision power asus gtx 670 directcu ii settings. At idle, its twin direcrcu work at much lower sound levels than stock cards, creating yet another DirectCU-based low noise, low heat, gyx high output graphics powerhouse.

FWIW, they did give photo examples of ‘other manufacturer’ implementations. With those clocks consistently right out of the gate, you can tell this card is going to be a strong performer. As you can see, the GPU heatsink has three heatpipes for drawing the heat away from the GPU, going to a massive fin assembly.

Let us unleash these beasts!

I’ll email him again now. Unlike the backplate, this asus gtx 670 directcu ii does not physically touch the ssus GPU heatsink, but comes ever so close. Rather than repeat everything about the testing procedure and the tests, we can now just point you to our article that outlines all of that: The power section has been designed from the ground up to deliver stronger, more consistent power to the GPU.

Your email address will not be published. This is certainly a far cry from the stock boost clock.

In response to their customers, they have also gone with this power design to address an issue with GPU asus gtx 670 directcu ii delivery that plagues many reference cards on both sides of the aisle — direcctcu whine.

There is literally nothing to dislike about this card. With that limit, this card overclocked a decent amount.