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Thank you all, this is one of the best venues for answers. I have no sucess yet… Now every time i trie to cut. I must be missing something easy. I think the term is slave drive. I hope this helps someone. Just bought an original Crichton machine new in the box and was wandering if I can still get MTC or any other software that will let me design in Illustrator and cut in the cricut?

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Save it to my documents, or where ever you like. I must be missing something easy.

Cricut USB Cable?? – Splitcoaststampers

I see it perfectly fine. The version I had was 2.

I am interested in purchasing the cricut create usb copy for 15 please email me at amandaray yahoo. I now have Vers. You see, Make the Cut uses plugins to interface to the Crfate, and other different Cutting hardware.

I bought it before they made it illegal!

Cricut Cutter With USB, it can be done! – DIY DATA

If someone is game to test it, it would be interesting to know. Nervous about downloading a virus. Can anyone help me crsate. I think the term is slave drive.

Has anyone had cricut create usb with this? May I ask where you downloaded crjcut plugin? I would think if it works as a demo, any activation code would keep it working on Cricut. If not I might have to return it and invest in another machine. There must be a better way!

Let me know and I will send you a Paypal invoice. Can I download it into another folder and then move it to the plugin cricut create usb when I figure out how to override my computer?

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It does work with win 7 64, just FYI. I was at the airport so not sure it went through.

Hi Breena, Where you able to get this plug in to work on your CE2. I had just tossed the. Gah…that only took a week for me to figure out. I have deleted the cricut cricut create usb room from my files.

Bought everything needed to get started including 1 cartridge.

All the Time it opens the connection, but returns me an error telling that the machine is not on the cricut create usb firmware Level. She is up and crafting again.

If I go buy the reg cricut expression my make the cut program will work right! It does recognize the image I was trying to cut though, and the cutting process is shown advancing on the MTC screen as it cuts.

Interested pls see cricut create usb comment…email is kunakey gmail.

Follow the BLUE download now button, and wait until the page counts down the site is very confusing, with download buttons all over the place for crap I hope thats helpful, Regards, Matt.

I thought I would cricut create usb if anyone else was successful. Can anyone tell me if they have gotten the MTC to work with the E2? Breena, have you tried it yet?? I have it cricut create usb would be more than happy to let you have a copy of it.