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Check whether the ADF cover is closed. Press [Cancel] if the user is not registered. Tray Shift Printing Options Tray Shift Use this function to shift the output position for each document, so you can sep- arate received documents easily. Select the line you want to use. Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine.

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Other Transmission Features This section explains the features of [TX Mode], which you can use to apply trans- mission functions. Enter the number of copies with the number keys. Lan-fax m8 E-mail TX Results is programmed in a Quick Operation key, you can select whether a report e-mail is sent after reception. Document Server Press [Continue]. The screen returns to the program screen, showing the program number lan-fax m8 by the program name. Printing Options Tray Shift Use this function to shift the output position for each document, so you can sep- arate received documents easily.

When the lan-fax m8 is connected to the computer using the interface cable The following shows how to check the print port when the data-in indicator does not light up or blink.

If you have made any copy settings before using Connect Copy, the settings remain effective. Specifying a Destination Reference p. You can specify the stamp position, pages to be stamped, and numbering. Copying Manual image density You can adjust lan-fax m8 general density of the original in seven increments.

Clean the white sheet of lan-fax m8 ADF. To print the sender’s name on the receiver’s sheet, press [Stamp Sender Name] lan-fax m8 highlight it. A list of completed and canceled print jobs appears. Confirming on Display Follow these steps to display the reception result.

Ricoh AFICIO MP 8000 Operating Instructions Manual

Printing the Journal To print the Journal manually, select the printing method: Troubleshooting When Using the Scanner Function This chapter describes likely causes of and possible solutions for scanner func- tion problems. Transmission Canceling a Transmission This lan-fax m8 explains how to cancel a fax transmission. For safe and correct use, be sure to lan-fax m8 the. When scan- ning ends, the Communicating indicator lights and transmission starts. Select the destination you want to redial to, and then press [OK].

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Adjusting Copy Image Density There are three types of adjustment available. Confirm a transmission, and then press [Exit].


Download the free trial version below to get started. The [Address Book] or lan-fax m8 Destination] tab appears. Reception Centre Mark When this function is enabled, marks are printed halfway down the left side and at the top centre of each page received.

This lan-afx explains how to use the tone function with Lan-fax m8 Hook Dial as an example. Make the setting in User Parameters switch 17, bit 2 in the Facsimile Mm8 menu. Reception Page Separation and Length Reduction Lan-fax m8 the size of a received document is longer than the paper loaded in the machine, each page of the document can be split and printed on several sheets, or reduced and printed on a single sheet.

When a Message Is Displayed on the Control Panel This section describes causes and remedies lan-fax m8 an error message appears on the display of the control panel. The machine starts to scan the original and stores it in memory. If the original has a darker background than normal for example, a newspaper lan-fax m8or if the writing is faint, adjust the density. Transmission Options Transmission Options This section describes various functions that you can switch on and off for any particular transmission, following the procedures given here.

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lan-faxx If the desired file is not shown, press [U] or [T] to find it. Allows you to check the lan-fax m8 Switches the title word keys.

Press [W] or [V] to adjust the image density. Select the paper tray for slip sheets. Make sure you are following lan-fax m8 appropriate procedure before you begin.

Canceling a Transmission Press [Exit] twice.