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All I had to do was not configure any raid on the card itself. The win splash screen with moving bar appears for a few seconds, and then it just hangs with no IO or CPU activity. Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Thu Mar 06, 2: This is a home-server, and it’s way more advanced than I originally intended anyway.

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Among us are represented the various reasons to keep data — legal requirements, competitive requirements, uncertainty of permanence of cloud services, distaste for transmitting your data rocketraid 2320 e. Well i did’t read your question the first time apparently. Tue Jul 31, 2: It can be rocketraid 2320 JBOD’s with 8 single disks, thats okey No need to be sorry, people aren’t born rocketraid 2320 this. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Servers are simply super computers roocketraid together in order to handle extremely intense rocketraid 2320 tasks.

All times are GMT. I also testet kernel 2. I found a solution to the problem which is probably plaguing rocketraid 2320 of other people!

DataHoarder subscribe unsubscribe 86, readers users here now Who are we? Also you should join us on IRC!

Any one else experience this? I’m running anot aand although it does have a speaker I can’t think it’s ever actually rocketraid 2320 at me rocketraid 2320 any reasons. I’ve never had any alarms go off when removing drives. Host hardware is one place to NOT cheap out Distributed Archiving of Instagram!

HighPoint RocketRAID – Usable as a SATA controller? : DataHoarder

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. However, the HCL also says I should download drivers orcketraid here:. That’s the question basically. None of them are the model I’m pretty sure that’s the same Highpoint 8 rocketraid 2320 card I have. The is an older card and too expensive for rocketraid 2320 you want. Rocketraid 2320 up in either DOS or Wintendo yeah windows guys. Give me a bit more detail and I may be able to help out since, as I say, I’ve never had alarms.

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But here’s another question: My problem with the arrays on the card rocketrqid that whenever I created an array on that card, my motherboard skipped the loading of one of my other cards.

This is rocketraid 2320 funny one, but it actually works Unplugg rocketraid 2320 the sata-cables that are connected to the card.

Tue Aug 07, I’ll rocketraid 2320 around with the management utility soon. Any luck with the utility?

Don’t really care what wikipedia says Check if there’s rocketraid 2320 IR firmware you can flash the controller with. Mon Nov 06, 8: I’ve been trying for a long time, and Highpoint support is useless. Perhaps rocketraid 2320 driver is just rotten, but at least before any driver, the guest OS win R2 “saw” the card sitting in the device manager.