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Beside its rather high price which I expect to drop in the new few months , it’s a almost perfect small server replacement for Mac users. Upgrading was easy – swap in one drive, wait a day disk synchronization , swap in another, wait another day, and then reboot. The Linkstation Pro does claim a lot of unique functionality, including the ability to configure it to allow remote connections through the network or internet, however, my experience with the system tells me that it would be so slow in this mode as to render it unsuitable for anything other than the smallest of transfer tasks. I spoke with a 2nd level tech early last week. You can download the update file and install the update from the browser configuration page. When everything is done The ready NAS benchmarks like this

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I have been able simpletech 160gb set my IP back to auto and the YM still shows up now.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS

A single Simpletech 160gb or any disk array is not a simpletech 160gb file storage solution. Simppetech use it for backup of large files, including my photo images. I have sufficient technical skills to work with the DNS although there are some things I’d like to know regarding its use on Macs.

Initially I wanted to use it both as a video and as a music server. After the firmware update the drive will automatically be reformatted. I purchased it as a remote storage device accessible from multiple Mac’s.

The Buffalo Linkstation that I reported on March 24th, being a replacement unit for one simpletech 160gb died in two months, simpletech 160gb itself simpletech 160gb in little over simpletec week. I love when vigilant backups save simpleteech day! We’re into imaging medical and have a pair of “big” servers at work, adding about 5 GB of images per day.

I have a small mixed platform network at home. The main simpletech 160gb loss was that the Drobo held one share with duplicates of media files for iTunes streaming. I simpletech 160gb have to burn the. The FrontView management application is pretty intuitive. I think the trouble with my box is in one or two simplteech.

So far it looked promising. I went to the Ximeta site to simpletehc their version of the manual. I really liked the thecus over infriant stuff.


This is simpletech 160gb the first time I’ve heard of quality control problems affecting simpletech 160gb brand.

Of course, it has not the power of a Simpletech 160gb, but it’s also easier to set up and you don’t pay for new software releases. Cocktail simppletech do this no ACK delay tweak persistently. After the usual fiddle time, I gave up and emailed Lacie Support, and went on to other things thinking I could fix my simpletech 160gb in a couple of days.

Support via the company’s forum is prompt.

simpletech 160gb The hardware simpletech 160gb solid, but there are major software simpletech 160gb performance problems with it that made it less than ideal for Mac users.

I didn’t see any obvious way and, again, I don’t want to destroy the poor thing. So far I haven’t found anything negative about it but if I do I’ll let you know. The ajax based webinterface is good, there are simpletech 160gb apps for iPhone mp3 streams. The inexperienced Mac user may find themselves completely lost trying to get a D-Link product to work with their Mac even though the solution would be simple. Problem 1 is a bug in the current firmware release and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

I modified the setup via my Safari browser Firefox works as well in order to name it to something useful and to set baseline restrictions.

Now I’ll just set Retrospect to do an automatic simpletech 160gb on a regular schedule for the desktop dual G or whenever a Macbook or iBook connects, and use Infrant’s bundled backup software for the WinXP machines.

But I suppose that is something out there, I saw an kernel module named “appletalk”. I never really did like simpletech 160gb iTunes Shared Music option, as the other Mac had to be on and other hassles with that, so this is better. I have not figured simpletech 160gb how to how to get Mac OS It does not accept keychain passwords and will not auto mount on my Mac’s OS I am most impressed.